Irish Pub Culture

For centuries, the Irish public house has been an integral part of Irish social culture. In Ireland the local pub is a pillar of the community the same way the local church would be. It functions as both a place to consume alcohol at leisure as well as a place in which to meet and gre

The Dubliner’s Irish Breakfast served all day

“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper”, an old adage says, meaning that it is wise to start the day with a large cooked breakfast. Such a motto could very much be applied to the traditional full Irish Breakfast. It is a meal that was traditionally co

Enjoy a pint of Kilkenny!

Kilkenny is a nitrogenated Irish cream ale from the makers of Guinness, which originated in Kilkenny, Ireland. The brand is managed and produced by Diageo. It is available in draught and cans. It is brewed in Ireland and its heritage dates back to the 14th century. Kilkenny is similar

Live Sports

Live matches of rugby and football are routinely enjoyed at The Dubliner. We have secured viewing rights to a comprehensive range of English sports channels: Sky Sports, BT Sports; as well as the entire spectrum of local sports channels: Telekom Sports, Digisport, etc. We have four se