Live Irish Traditional Music – The Foggy Few

The Foggy Few put on an outstanding performance in The Dubliner on Friday January 27. A recent addition to Bucharest’s constellation of live performance groups, The Foggy Few will charm you with their excellent rendition of some heartwarming traditional Irish tunes.

Six Nations Rugby Matches 2017

The Six Nations Championship is the world’s greatest rugby tournament. Each year the fans of six proud nations – England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales – share in the passion and excitement of this great competition. Including the competition’s previous incarn

Ursus Nights

Share a bucket of Ursus (10 half-litre bottles) at a bargain price with your friends during our Ursus nights! Brand promoters will join you and give you a chance to win a specially designed Ursus T-shirt — your “going out for a beer” T-shirt ;).

* Live Sports on TV This Week

There are four separate viewing areas (rooms) inside The Dubliner: 1. The Barroom, 2. The Dartroom, 3. The Terrace and 4. The Lounge; as many as four different sports events can be shown concurrently. Click on the picture below to see what live matches can be enjoyed in The Dubliner t

Irish Pub Culture

For centuries, the Irish public house has been an integral part of Irish social culture. In Ireland the local pub is a pillar of the community the same way the local church would be. It functions as both a place to consume alcohol at leisure as well as a place in which to meet and gre

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